Meet Melissa


As an administrative assistant I focus on providing world-class service, and developing lifelong, meaningful relationships with clients. I assist in providing clients with relevant communications to help them make informed decisions regarding their financial future. I help ensure each client receives highest level of service and delivering trust, transparency, confidentiality and accountability to ensure they have a superior personal experience with their advisor to help them pursue their financial goals and objectives.

I have learned through past experiences and education (knowledge-based) skills. I have provided support and training to support services staff and new associates in office orientation, filing procedures, records’ management and computer applications. I have an In-depth ability to work with difficult clientele in a respectful and courteous manner. I have strong computer skills and knowledge of many software and online applications. A highly talented, knowledgeable professional with proven track record of giving top assistance to prosecutors, the police department, sheriff’s office, District Attorney’s Office, Office of the Attorney General of Texas Assistant Attorney General’s and Financial Advisors.

My passions are my family, All things Art (fine arts, sculpture), Museums, Health & Fitness, race cars (love sports cars specifically mustangs). And I love all things comedy, I love to laugh.


Favorite Food:

Love Sushi, eating at hibachi eateries, love shrimp & a little bit of chocolate every now and then.

Favorite quote:

"Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose." C.S. Lewis

Hidden talent:

I play soccer and I'm pretty good at it. I also paint, draw and sculpt and sometimes sell my art work at art shows.

Favorite movie or TV show:

All things comedy.  I love Comedy Movies.

Favorite holiday:

It’s a tie between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I always spend them with my family and they're both equally as important to me.

Something on my bucket list:

Travel more, enjoy nature more, go skydiving, go scuba diving, finally go on a cruise, take a flight to Europe and Mexico. And finish my MBA, I'm halfway there, just finished my 1st year of Graduate School, Dec. 2020.

Place I'd most like to visit:

Mexico, the Mayan ruins/pyramids, my ancestors.

My biggest accomplishment:

Pursuing my MBA with a Dual Concentration in Investment Management and Finance, I'm halfway there but on my way to complete it.